Even from afar, we’re available to design personal, tailored spaces that fit your life and your needs. 

E-Design differs from Full-Service design by allowing our clients to get the same customized service - but by putting in a bit of their own elbow grease on both the front and back end of the project they save some money and get a huge dose of gratification at the end of the project. It's perfect for those clients looking to do some DIY projects, get their hands dirty, and do all of the shopping. 

To get started, we'll have you fill out a questionnaire and send photos of your home or the specific spaces you have in mind. After we review your project and details, we'll put together a quote for your project.

Once the project is approved, the fun begins and we’ll get to designing your space.  You'll get a mood board featuring furnishings, materials, décor, paint palette, and any custom fabric selections, a space plan, a shopping list, plus design notes and suggestions - then you get to pull it all together and enjoy your new space. 


"Ashley asked expert questions to figure out what my husband and I were looking for in terms of style. Then she did a fantastic job giving us ideas that were even better than we could have imagined. "   - Susan V.


We love getting face-to-face time that reveals personalities and passions as we begin a full-service project. 


Our Full Service Design option allows our clients to give us their needs, wishes, and ideas and leave the rest to us. From design to customization to installation, we handle every aspect of your project alongside our trusted partners. Clients looking for a hands-off approach will appreciate this option.

All of our Full Service Projects are completely unique,  but we start at the same place with each: an initial design consultation, questionnaire, and photos of your home or space. We'll then send over a quote for work, and once approved, we’ll set up a time for a longer consultation where we'll cover your needs and desires for your space. We’ll then take all of the measurements and create an inventory checklist to work with and get started on designing.

Next, we’ll send you inspiration boards spotlighting visual direction, along with our product picks, design ideas, and space planning for approval - then leave the work to us - we’ll shop for the pieces, install, and accessorize your space. 



We believe that when everything is in sync, it creates a sense of harmony that flows through the rest of your life.

From laying out a photo wall to putting together a full product photo shoot, our styling service can help pull together an otherwise mostly finished space. This is a wonderful option for those looking to re-work what they already have, or who just need that finishing touch.

Once you fill out a questionnaire and send photos of the space or items that need styling, we’ll send a quote and arrange a date for the styling session. Depending on the space and need, styling can take an hour or two to a full day. 

In addition to residential styling, we love working with wedding planners, retailers, photographers, and other small businesses on projects. Send us a message - we'd love to collaborate.


"My house has turned out beautiful and I could have never done it without Ashley's expertise and hard work. -Kim H.


Design can inspire questions. You may look around your space and feel as though something isn’t quite right - perhaps it just isn’t speaking to your soul. That’s where we come in.

Upon filling out a questionnaire and sending us photos that pertain to your question, we will send a quote—the pricing varies between $50 to $100, depending on the type of question. 

We will then offer advice to resolve the issue. Questions can range from, “Can you give me a recommendation for bedside lighting that will go with my space?” to “What color do you think I should paint my living room?” 

We’ll apply our expertise to your specific predicament and provide you with a helpful solution. 




Don't see what you're looking for, or still not sure which option you need?

Send us a quick note, and we'll be happy to help you choose the design service that's perfect for your project.